ePub Validator (Beta)
Based on EpubCheck

Epub file :

  • File size now limited under 2MB temporarily during beta test period.
  • If you want to check ePubs frequently and without limitation, please install a local epubcheck.

Local Validation

If you have many epub files to check or you need to check it frequently, you will have to setup EpubCheck on your machine.

Because EpubCheck is a Java application, you must install JVM(JRE) to make it work.

If you feel inconvenient with command line, you can use ePub Maker, which is mainly a Word to ePub converter, with a integration of epubcheck with interface under Windows. Though it's a commercial tool, this function can be used without limitation.

About EpubCheck

EpubCheck is an open-source and java-based tool to validate ePub files.

Most of the EpubCheck functionality comes from the schema validation tool Jing and schemas that were developed by IDPF and DAISY. Initial EpubCheck development was largely done at Adobe Systems.

Website of EpubCheck

About ePubValidator.com

ePubValidator.com is a free online ePub Validator owned and supported by


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